Tax Law

Our Office gives legal counseling and Advocacy services to local or foreign natural or legal persons concerning Income Tax Law, (income tax), Corporate Tax Law, (corporate tax), Value Added Tax Law (value added tax), Inheritance And Transfer Tax Law (inheritance and transfer tax), Stamp Duty Law (stamp duty), Act of fees (jurisdictional fees, notaries fees, tax jurisdiction fees, land registry cadastre fees, consulate fees, passports, residence permits, visa and foreign ministry’s certification fees, vessel and harbor fees, patent letter, license and diploma fees, traffic fee), Valuable Financial Documents Law, Real Estate Tax Law (real estate tax), Motor Vehicles Tax Law (motor vehicles tax), Financial Law (vehicle buying tax), Special Consumption Tax Law (fuel consumption tax, vehicle buying tax, liquor taxes, tobacco taxes), Expenditure Taxes Law (bank and insurance operations taxes, communication taxes), Law On Municipal Revenues (publication and advertisement tax, entertainment tax, communication tax, electrical and gas consummation tax, fire insurance tax, sanitation tax, occupation tax, working license fees on vacation days, tax on spring water, brokerage tax, inspection and controlling tax for slaughtering, tax for inspecting scales and measuring equipment, building construction tax, share on expenses) Tax on income from Chance Games, Readjustment Law on Funds and Shares (tax on chance games), resolution of conflicts before commissions of conciliation or legal jurisdictions due to double taxation resulting from Tax Procedural Law and Law On Collection Procedure Of Assets, and transfer of the company with its assets and liabilities in regard of tax law, merger, change of legal form or demerger, exchange of stock, subscriptions, evaluation of firm by a financial due diligence, preparation of contracts in accordance with the requests and needs of the client or evaluation and modification of the contracts already prepared in accordance with the clients’ interest, stock exchanges and companies dissolution regarding the tax law, tax incentives, abatement application on income tax, correction, tax refunds, tax exceptions and exemptions, obligations of legal representatives, demanding securities, provisional seizure and provisional accrual, suspension, delay, abandonment, foreclosure and sale of properties in regard to the forcible collection and pursuance of public claims, bankruptcy and concordat in regard with tax law, postponement of bankruptcy, reorganization by way of negotiation, request for ruling, application of exchange and free trade zones, and all services concerning the tax law.