Telecommunication Law

Our Office gives legal counseling and Advocacy services to local or foreign natural or legal persons concerning the obtaining of authorizations for giving electronic communication services and /or for installing its system or infrastructure, obtaining authorization needed for frequency assignment such as number frequency, satellite position, obtaining authorization for frequency assignment and registration procedure for installing and operating wireless device or its systems, obtaining wireless licenses, obtaining the authorizations required for the assignment of satellite position and the registration procedures, obtaining the authorizations required for the frequency assignment and the registration procedures for installing and operating coast wireless stations and maritime and air band wireless systems, obtaining licenses, obtaining amateur wireless operating certificates, the preparation of the documents required for participating in this sort of tenders, to follow up the timetable concerning the tenders, the giving of the legal support during the participation in the tenders, the preparation of the contracts to be concluded with the administration after the tenders, or the examination of the contracts prepared by the Administration, the preparation of subscription agreements, national or international interconnection agreements, collocation and facility sharing agreements, electronic communication systems, infrastructure and/or access to services agreement in regard to the framework of the legislation concerning the telecommunication legislation and in accordance with the Clients’ needs and requests, or the evaluation of already prepared contracts and modification in accordance with the clients’ interests, the establishment of a right of easement on all sorts of electronic communication equipment and other supporting equipment in order to provide electronic communication services, the preparation of contracts needed for this, in accordance with the needs and request of the clients and in the framework of the Telecommunication legislation or the evaluation of already prepared contracts and modification in accordance with the clients’ interests, the resolution of disputes arising from subscription agreements, interconnection agreements, access agreements, the bringing of lawsuits concerning this subject or defending the client in an action brought against him, objecting to judicial fines decided by the institution, making the necessary applications in order to annul the measures taken by the institution, the bringing of lawsuits against decisions of the Institution for the annulment of the delegation or the termination of activity, and the giving of all sorts of services concerning the telecommunication law.