Contract Law

Our Office gives legal counseling and Advocacy services to local or foreign natural or legal persons concerning the preparation of all sorts of contracts regarding the request and the needs of the clients or the evaluation of already prepared contracts and modification in the interest of the clients, and in particular contracts on the sale of movable property, sale of animals, sale of real estate, sale on installments, sale with a retention of title, sale by sample, sale on consignments, exclusive distributorship, sale with the condition of estimation and inspection, buying, pre-emption, repurchase, barter, donation, lease, ordinary lease, usufructuary lease, financial leasing, license, sublicense, bailment, loan, service, creation, construction, construction for land basis, subcontract, publication, proxy, sub proxy, agency, brokerage, franchise, transport by road by rail and also maritime and airline transport, conservation, security, warranty, commitment for the act of a third person, ordinary partnership, unlimited company, commandite company, joint stock company, limited liability company, shared commandite, cooperative, quittance, compromise, assignment of claim, factoring, current account, barter, joint-venture, franchise, sponsorship, counseling, management, subscription, advertisement, maintenance, confidentiality, deposit, general loan, loan, credit card, private school, management, management counseling, inheritance, testament, and all the services related to the contract law.